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Pipe Creek Cabin is a dream come true for people who love the outdoors and want a little luxury in the middle of complete solitude.  A perfect place to finish that novel, rekindle your love, or spend time on self reflection and rejuvenation.

The cabin is a dream cabin that my father designed and built, with the help of his friends, as a place for his retirement.  It is very peaceful and invites true rest.  My father, long passed, wanted his vision of tranquility shared with others.  Instead of keeping it to the family, we decided to open it up for others to experience the true joy of quiet time.


The cabin has been newly painted, furnished and appointed with all the accoutrements found  in most luxury hotels.  There is a full kitchen with a dishwasher and microwave.  All sorts of gadgets and conveniences, like a Kuerig coffee maker, await. 



The landscape remains natural and the sunsets spectacular.  The neighbors are far away, but close enough if you need someone.  The people in Pipe Creek may not all live in giant homes, but they all have giant hearts. 




 Browse through some of the pictures, and visit us on facebook to see what others are saying.